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Connected Learning Initiative

Quality Education at Scale for Indian Students

Project Description

The Connected Learning Initiative (CLIx) is a bold and innovative effort to improve the professional and academic prospects of high schools students from underserved communities in India. CLIx incorporates thoughtful pedagogical design and leverages contemporary technology, including online capabilities, to provide quality educational content and experiences at scale. The initiative aims to reach a total of approximately 1,100 schools and 165,000 students in 4 states during 2015–2017, as well as conduct professional development for approximately 4,400 teachers.

CLIx catalyzes access to quality learning opportunities at scale that are capable of changing what Indian students and teachers know and can do. A massive quality intervention, providing curricular alternatives to students and teachers, can irreversibly ‘change the game’, improving the Indian education system and what Indian youth learn.

Project Details

  • Client Jamsetji Tata Trust
  • Date February 1, 2015
  • Tags Curriculum Development, K-12, Professional Development, Teacher Education, Technology
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