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Pen-based wireless technology in K-12

Project Description

The INK-12 project is investigating how the combination of two technological innovations—pen-based input and wireless communication—can support classroom practices that teach two skills critical to mastering STEM disciplines:

  1. Creation and manipulation of representations for mathematical and scientific objects, and
  2. Communication of those representations and associated feedback.

We are investigating how technology that facilitates these capabilities, via a set of networked tablet computers, can support teaching and learning key mathematical and scientific concepts in upper elementary school.

The INK-12 project, which started in September 2010 as a collaboration between MIT’s Center for Educational Computing Initiatives and TERC, is now a part of the Strategic Education Initiatives group in the MIT Office of Digital Learning.

Project Details

  • Client NSF
  • Date March 1, 2015
  • Tags Curriculum Development, K-12, Professional Development
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